Plugin Development

Here at Wikisol, we have a committed group of experienced and imaginative plugin engineers prepared to address your issues. Amid the most recent two years, our expert engineers have helped many organizations get—without any difficulty and effectiveness.

Advantages of Our Services

We will dissect the needs of viewers to your site and incorporate that data with your objectives and dreams for the site Plugins ensured to function obviously paying little heed to viewer’s program, working framework, or gadget used to get to your site .Our plugins are constantly very much outlined and completely utilitarian from each angle .

After Service Support

We handle all moves up to our custom plugins, paying little respect to the topic you pick, Our plugins are precisely outlined in light of future changes and overhauls We promise our custom plugins will never leave your site or data defenseless against programmers or character criminals All day, every day client and specialized backing accessible by visit and email Entrepreneurs that need proficient sites with utilitarian element components need look no more distant than the stage and our custom plugin engineers. Basically round out the structure beneath today and let us know what your needs are. We will be more than cheerful to give you a free, no-commitment evaluate on your necessities.


  • Monitoring of web movement
  • Sitemap record eras
  • Increasing web-security
  • Integration of social networking
  • Add new podcasts, occasions and features
  • Add new SEO content
  • Backup of information
  • Enhancing SEO